COVID-19 Policies






Confirm Your Appointment: Confirm your appointment by phone, text or email. Your confirmation constitutes your agreement to follow the salon's guidelines.


Scheduling + Appointments: We can only operate at 25% capacity. We will contact you regarding any future appointments you may have. Because of the limited number of people we can permit in the salon, the nature, timing, and date of your future appointments are subject to change.


Mandatory Masks: Clients and staff will wear masks at all times. No masks, no service.


Sickness Symptoms: We kindly ask that if you have experienced flu like symptoms in the last 14 days that you stay home. In the case of a last minute cancellation, we will waive any cancellation fees.


Screening: It is likely that we will need to screen both stylist and clients with a no- contact thermometer. If you have a fever over 99 degrees you will not be able to enter. In addition, if stylists have any symptoms of COVID-19 they must stay home.


Surveillance: Stylists or clients that have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 will not be permitted to enter salon until the end of a 14 day self isolation period.


Travel: Stylist or clients who have traveled out of state via airport will also be denied entry to the salon until a 14 day self isolation period is complete.


Come Alone: The Salon will be operating at a very limited capacity for your safety. If someone comes along to your appointment they will need to wait in the car or outside.


Doors: Doors will remain closed and we will let you in once your appointment is ready to begin. If we run over, we may suggest you wait outside or in your car until we notify you.


No Beverage Service: We will not be serving any beverages, If you choose to bring one in you must leave with it.


Social Distancing: We can only allow 2 stylists to work at a time. Only 1 stylist at color bar at a time. Color bar will be cleaned after every use. No double booking (stylists are unable to take second clients while one clients color is processing). To enable social distancing we have extended hours and days of operation.

No hugs, Kisses. or handshakes.


Sanitation Station: We ask that you wash your hands upon arrival. Please do not bring in coats, purses, backpacks, etc. if you can help it. The less you carry, the greater the safety.


Blowdrying: It is possible we may need to suspend the blow-dry portions of services to avoid unnecessary air movement in the salon. When we know more we will update.


Contact Free Payment: We will offer contact-less payment options and email receipts.


No Waiting Area, No Books, or Magazines


Products: Please do not touch any product unless you intend to buy it. If you want to stop by to purchase product please call ahead so we can pull it off the shelf and pack it for you.


Gloves + Smocks: As always, new gloves, clean capes, and smocks will be used with every client.